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What insurance companies do you participate with?

We will take all insurance except Medicaid. We do not participate with Aetna. Aetna is a fee for service basis.


Do you do amalgam fillings?

No, we do white composite fillings only.


Do you sedate children? (Because my child is definitely going to need to be sedated)

We do in office conscious sedations for children that need to be lightly sedated, but that is only after Dr. Jung evaluates your child to make sure sedation is completely necessary. Often times, we do short appointments so that your child is comfortable and doesn’t have too much work done at one time.


Can I have an afternoon appointment?

We like to see younger children in the morning when they are fresh and before they have run out of patience for the day. We also have extra staff around in the morning, in case your child needs any extra help. We have an extra assistant in the room to hold your child’s hand to comfort your child and talk them through the procedure if needed. Afternoon appointments are generally reserved for older patients.


Can you do a tooth colored crown?

We only do stainless steel crowns on posterior teeth. Stainless steel crowns are the most durable material for children. If Dr. Jung can do composite crowns on anterior teeth he will.


How often do children need X-rays?

We like to get a baseline record of your child around age 3. From then on, if your child is healthy, we only need to get X-rays once a year. If your child has cavities it is necessary to take X-rays on your child to properly diagnose decay. We take bitewing X-rays every 6 months for high-risk patients or patients that have an area of concern. Panoramic X-rays are taken beginning when the child gets permanent teeth generally around age 6. Panoramic X-rays are only taken once every 5 years.


Do you accept special needs patients?

We do accept special needs patients under age 5. If we are unable to treat the patient, we refer them to the University of Michigan.


At what age can my child go back to the general dentist?

Every child is different. When Dr. Jung feels the child is ready, he will refer them to the general dentist. We, however, do not accept any new patients over the age of 12.

Questions about Okemos Pediatric Dentistry PC

Below you'll find answers to some of the most common questions we receive. Please call if your question isn't answered here.

Pediatric dentistry FAQs

What age should my child first see the dentist?

Age 1 or 6 months after the first tooth erupts (Remember: first visit by first birthday)


At what age do you separate in your office? May I go in the back with my child?

We try to separate around age 3 depending on the child. We do this to build a rapport with your child. We want them to feel independent and have fun at the office. We want them to trust us and feel confident as well. If an emergency situation should arise it makes it easier for us to manage the situation and take the best care for your child.

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